On this page you will find a selection of current and completed projects divided into our business areas. We accompany you in national and international projects.

Seawater Desalination & Water Treatment

Extension of leachate treatment plant at the Wehofen Landfill, Germany
Extension leachate treatment plant, Vereinigte Ville Landfill, Germany
Development MED pilot plant, Kuwait
Feasibility study new desalination plant, Libya
Refurbishment MSF-desalination plant, Libya
Development leachate treatment plant at Ihlenberg Landfill, Germany
Treatment of laundry wastewater, Leverkusen, Germany
20 MIGD Al Jubail RO-desalination plant, Saudi Arabia
Feed water production for power plant Isken Sugözü, Turkey
Performance increase of desalination plants, Libya

Energy & Sustainable Processes

Landfill gas utilization by CHP at Vereinigte Ville Landfill, Germany
Water4Crops: Water and wastewater reuse
Planning of a sewage gas treatment plant, sewage plant Bottrop
CIP system optimization for sewage plant Titz Rödingen
TRUST: Transitions to the urban water services
Extension of CHP for landfill gas utilization, Ihlenberg Landfill, Germany

Training & Staff Assessment

SAT at GDCOL’s desalination plants, Libya
Training of operators and plant engineers, Libya
Strategy development for training in MEDRC, Oman