Expansion of the 3rd construction phase of the landill site in Wehofen

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG operates the Wehofen-Nord landfill site in the district of Wesel for the disposal of waste mainly from iron and steel production. The landfill is to be extended by a 3rd construction section which, like the existing 2nd construction section, is to be provided with a basic sealing system so that any landfill leachate is collected. The treatment of the leachate is to take place in a new on-site treatment plant, so that the leachate can be discharged into the Emscher after treatment.

In a previous project, STEP was commissioned with the conceptual design, engineering and preparation of tender documents for a new 3rd construction section leachate treatment plant. However, delays in the approval procedure led to a delayed start of construction, so that the tender documents will be adapted to the new framework conditions and updated by STEP.

In discussion with all the crafts involved, the bill of quantities is re-tendered and brought to a market-driven tender. In addition, STEP participates in the awarding of the contract and takes over the object as well as the local construction supervision.
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
STEP Services
  • Interface clarification, update of the technical specifications and the request specificatio
  • Updating of tender documents
  • Assist in tendering process
  • Managing on-site technical discussions
  • Checking and evaluating the offers
  • Creation of a price comparison by individual positions
  • Creation of assignment proposals
  • Object control
  • Monitoring of execution
  • Technical acceptance of the services and determination of the defects
  • Checking and handing over the revision documents, operating instructions and test reports

Technical Data
  • Leachate cleaning system consisting of: Leachate storage tank, neutralization, precipitation, sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, final inspection
  • Flow rate: 20 m³/h and 480 m³/d
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