Systematic approach to training (SAT) at GDCOL’s desalination plants

The efficiency of the desalination plants of the General Desalination Company in Libya (GDCOL) was to be improved by training the personnel. Using the "Systematic Approach to Training" (SAT), plant personnel at the desalination plants in Zuara, Zawia, Zliten, Abutaraba, Derna, Soussa, Bomba and Tobruk were given further training.
An initial analysis phase serves as the basis for drawing up the course programs. It involves identifying the job-specific knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform a particular job competently. In this way, individual training needs can be identified and then course content can be job-specific to create job- and performance-oriented training for qualified personnel. In total, training has been provided to more than 400 individuals.
STEP Services
  • Implementation of “Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)”
  • Screening of plant personnel based on tailor-made criteria
  • Determine training needs and identify job-specific training requirements

Technical Data
    Total operating personnel GDCOL: 511
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