Renewal of the activated carbon adsorption at the Vereinigte Ville landfill site

AVG Köln mbH continuously ensures that the Vereinigte Ville landfill is operated economically and in accordance with the required environmental standards. For this purpose, modernizations of the operation and the necessary plant technologies of the leachate treatment have to be carried out. STEP accompanied the renewal and extension of the existing activated carbon adsorption stage until the award of the contract to a suitable bidder. The support included not only the design and approval planning but also the preparation of the tender documents and the later participation in the awarding of the contract. For optimized planning of the plant technology into the existing infrastructure, a 3D - scan was created. In addition, concepts for the optimization of process monitoring were developed. The planning took into account the conversion during ongoing operation.
AVG Köln mbH - Deponie Vereinigte Ville 
STEP Services
  • Concept study for modernisation
  • Development of an optimised process monitoring concept
  • Record 3D – Scan of the existing infrastructure
  • Design and approval planning
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Participation in the awarding of contracts

Technical Data
  • Renewal of 9 adsorbers of 25 m³ volume
  • Capacity ~ 27.5 m³/h of the entire activated carbon adsorption lines
  • Flushing of the individual adsorbers
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