We digitize your existing plant by using the new 3D laser scanning technology and, if required, the surrounding premises and infrastructure. The digitization of your plant offers many advantages.

A 3D scanner is placed at significant positions and captures data points and high-resolution images. In this example, you can switch between data points and high resolution images:

3D view

If your system was scanned as a 3D model, you can easily "fly through" it. It is possible to digitally integrate new technical and structural changes directly into the existing infrastructure.

The high-resolution images can be used for 360° tours due to their high resolution. This allows you to present your system in an ideal way and to take a virtual tour of your plant.

We support you from laser scanning to the integration of process and structural components into the existing infrastructure. We are looking forward to your inquiry. Go one step further with us into the digital future of plant planning.