Treatment waste water from washing processes

ALSCO Workwear-Service GmbH was the first company to offer workwear, washroom service, and various textiles on a leasing basis in Germany. The wash water resulting from the washing processes at the Leverkusen site was treated with the help of a treatment plant consisting of a screening machine and a downstream tank biology with ultrafiltration for sludge separation and fed into the public sewer system. The other branches of ALSCO Workwear-Service GmbH were also to be equipped with a water treatment plant. In order not to transfer the weaknesses of the already existing plant in Leverkusen to the other locations, the cleaning concept had to be evaluated. Our task was to check the existing treatment plant, point out possibilities for improvement, and take over the realization of the new treatment plants at the other ALSCO locations. 
ALSCO Workwear-Service GmbH
STEP Services
  • Inventory and appraisal
  • Development of a process concept for all sites
  • Consulting and engineering services for tendering, contract award, installation and commissioning

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