Training on Mathematical Modelling of MED for Engineers

In recent years Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KISR, has been intensifying its research activities in the field of thermal desalination, particularly with focus on MED technology.  In cooperation with STEP, a MED pilot plant was planned and realized. In order to enhance the knowledge of the future operators of the MED pilot plant KISR has asked STEP for a proposal on a training program dedicated to the MED pilot plant in connection with MED modelling. The course with a duration of 3 weeks was modelled to address the topics of heat transfer, MED process engineering and computer coding and the mathematical modelling of thermal and desalination processes.
STEP Services
  • Preparation of customized training program
  • Overall organization of the course and accommodation in Aachen
  • Implementation of the training course   
  • Provision of training documents and handouts
  • Certificates

Technical Data
    MED-Simulation examples: 10 m³/d, 100 m³/d, 1000 m³/d, 10.000 m³/d

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