Conventional power plant technology

In the field of conventional thermal power plant technology STEP cooperates with KWS Energy Knowledge eG, Essen, Germany, regarding training and personnel screening. STEP mostly takes over tasks in the international market, especially in MENA countries including Turkey. These power plants are mainly combined cycle (gas and steam) or coal-fired power plants or power plants operated with heavy fuel oil. In thermal power plants, power is transmitted through the water-steam cycle, where many technical problems with serious economic consequences can be traced back to unsuitable water quality. The so-called waterborn problems can be avoided or at least reduced to a minimum by sound practical knowledge of the operating crew of the power plants. In cooperation with KWS, STEP offers special courses in this field for both the technical operating staff and the management of the power plants.

The thermal power plants on the North African Mediterranean coast or on the Arabian Gulf are mostly so-called dual-purpose plants, which produce not only electricity but also fresh water from seawater by means of thermal desalination processes. This is where STEP's long-standing expertise in seawater desalination is particularly valuable. Both the technical and the operational aspects of coupling the power plants with seawater desalination are taught to the operating personnel in a practical way. STEP takes a methodical approach and uses SAT (Systematic Approach to Training). In the first step, the knowledge level of the operating personnel is determined by so-called screening. Based on this, the need for the knowledge to be imparted is determined. This is then taken as the basis for the tailor-made training courses for the operating personnel. Appropriate course contents are then put together and taught to the participants in the smallest possible classes by experienced trainers. At regular intervals, but also at the end, tests are conducted to determine the level of knowledge achieved.

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