Development of a pilot plant for Multi-Effect Distillation (MED)

The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) requested STEP with the planning and realisation of a MED pilot plant. With the help of the pilot plant, KISR wants to expand its knowledge of MED plants and also use the plant for further research and development purposes. The pilot plant should have a realistic equipment configuration and allow operation under different operating modes, comparable to those of large industrial plants. In addition, the heat transport should be analysed concerning different pipe types, pipe materials and modes of operation.  

In detail engineering, a measuring point concept was developed to determine all necessary research data via 200 measuring points. STEP also designed all heat exchangers and enabled automated pilot operation. The effects were designed as modules so that they could be easily exchanged. As a result, the entire system is automated and can be scaled up to an industrial scale.
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)
STEP Services
  • Concept Development
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Pilot Plant implementation in AutoCad 3D
  • Supervision of the realisation until the turnkey delivery
  • Supervision on-site

Technical Data
  • Plant capacity: 11 m³/d
  • 200 sensor measuring points
  • 120 kW thermal energy consumption
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