Feasibility study for the expansion of water management at the Bruckhausen steelworks

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG operates a central water management system for the casting-rolling plant on the Duisburg Bruckhausen site. Planned conversion and new construction measures for the production facilities required an adaptation of the water management system to be able to supply the future units in a hydraulically and energetically stable manner.  

As part of a basic evaluation, the complex demand data and legal requirements were compiled and compared with the design and performance data of the existing plant.  

In close consultation and intensive exchange with the production units and other specialist departments, suitable concepts were developed under licensing law based on various boundary conditions. STEP has recorded a 3D scan of the existing plant and infrastructure to position the additional required cooling tower cells to be suitably planned and visualised to meet the site-specific space and boundary conditions. Within the feasibility study framework, the planning concept was further developed to ensure the supply of the plants during the conversion phase. 
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG 
STEP Services
  • Basic evaluation 
  • Preliminary study
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams
  • Process simulation (energetic simulation and hydraulic buffer system)
  • Determination of scaling potential through simulation 
  • Development and discussion of expansion concepts
  • Feasibility study

Technical Data
  • Water flow rate: approx. 25000 m³/h
  • Direct and indirect cooling at the production sites
  • Cooling water treatment system
  • Wet cooling tower cells
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