Design of a small hydropower plant, Turkey

In the region of Eastern Anatolia, Turkey, a hydropower plant was to be built for power generation. For the SIFRIN HES power plant with a total installed capacity of 6.74 MW, two Pelton turbines with vertical axis were required. Within the scope of the project these Pelton turbines, each with a capacity of 3.37 MW, as well as two vertical axis synchronous generators directly coupled to the turbine shaft and medium voltage and electrical equipment had to be delivered.
STEP took over the preliminary design of the electro-mechanical equipment including the selection of all the main components such as the turbines and generators as well as the preparation of the tender documents for the procurement of the turbines and supported the evaluation based on technical and price comparisons of the offers as well as the contract award. In addition, a control of the delivery and acceptance of the contractually defined warranty values during  acceptance tests was carried out.
Bomonti Elektrik
STEP Services
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • bid evaluation
  • erection supervision
  • Data evaluation and verification of the warranty values during operation

Technical Data
  • total installed capacity: 6.74 MW
  • 2 Pelton turbines with horizontal axis from WKV
  • maximum flow rate: 3,4 m³/s
  • gross head: 232,7 m
  • net head: 228,8 m
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