Energy & Sustainable Processes
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Energy & Sustainable Processes
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STEP by STEP forward

The STEP Consulting GmbH offers you a comprehensive concept for the solution of process and energy technical problems. We see ourselves not only as a strategic consultant but also as a planner, who accompanies you in the implementation of the developed strategy. This results in sustainable and innovative applications from research. STEP has more than 20 years of international experience in seawater desalination & water treatment, power engineering & sustainable process development as well as training & assessment of plant staff. Due to the proximity to the research landscape and to students of the RWTH Aachen University, we offer tailor-made solutions using proven plant planning and simulation tools.

We are specialists for:
  • Energy Analysis
    heat integration, exhaust gas pretreatment, thermal utilization of exhaust gas, CHP
  • Process Engineering
    conceptional process design, process design, process optimization, membrane processes
  • Environmental Engineering
    exhaust gas treatment, eliminiation of micropollutants, resource recovery
  • Water Engineering
    seawater desalination, drinking water treatment, treatment of landfill leachat, industrial waste water and urban waste water, MSF, MED, brine treatment
  • Training/Workshop
    fundamentals of process engineering, system operation, simulation

Go STEP by STEP further with us, we look forward to your inquiry.