Renewal of a chemical storage

The AVG Köln mbH ensures that the leachate treatment plant is operating effectively and in accordance with the required legal and environmental standards. For this purpose, a concept study is prepared to investigate the possibilities for optimizing the chemical storage facilities of the leachate treatment plant. Besides the operational and legal requirements, the environment and work safety are considered highly to prevent occupational accidents. During the planning phase, a 3D model is created to discuss the design of the chemical storage facility in detail. In addition, the area of the future chemical storage is scanned with a 3D laser scanner in order to take the periphery of the chemical storage into account. 
AVG Köln mbH – Deponie Vereinigte Ville
STEP Services
  • Concept study for the optimization of a chemical storage
  • 3D -scan 
  • Detail Design and Approval planning
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Participation in the award phase

Technical Data
  • Chemical storage including filling and transfer station: 19.6 m x 18.2 m x 6 m (lxbxh)
  • 30 m³ storage station for hydrochloric acid 32%
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