Expansion of the leachate treatment plant - landfill site Vereinigte Ville

The Abfallentsorgungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft Köln mbH, AVG, operates the Vereinigte Ville landfill. AVG previously had two leachate treatment plants operating in parallel to clean the leachate produced.
However, an increase in leachate volumes and the concentrations of pollutants contained therein led to an overload of the existing capacities for leachate treatment. Among other things, due to the high concentrate disposal costs of the subsequently commissioned rented mobile reverse osmosis plants, STEP was commissioned with an extension of the existing leachate treatment plant, which has to ensure a safe and economic purification of the accumulating landfill leachate.
Within the scope of the service phases 1 and 2 a concept study was prepared, in which based on an inventory of the actual state and future developments 4 process combinations were presented and examined in technical as well as financial regard. Based on the results of the concept study, AVG decided to supplement the existing permanently installed leachate treatment plant with an additional biological stage including an ultrafiltration stage for sludge separation. The existing sludge treatment plant and the existing activated carbon cleaning stage were also expanded.
In the further course of the project STEP elaborated the further planning steps of the design, approval and execution planning. Subsequently, the price inquiry incl. bill of quantities for the tender of the extension of the leachate treatment plant incl. the erection of a light weight hall for the installation of plant equipment like aerators for the biological treatment stages, the 3-street ultrafiltration plant and the chemical dosing stations was prepared.
STEP evaluated the incoming bids, conducted bidder interviews and based on that prepared the award recommendation for AVG.
After the awarding of the contract the supervision of the project took place, in which among other things the construction of the plant was accompanied on behalf of the AVG, the compliance with building and water law permits was supervised and the execution of the construction was checked.
Within the scope of the commissioned site management and the local site supervision STEP performed services in the field of safety and health coordination and was responsible for the control of construction progress, deadlines and execution periods.
After the plant construction STEP accompanies and supervises the project in the context of the object supervision from the physical examination of the delivery over the start-up of the plant technology, the performance test specified by the LV as well as the following 3-month trial operation up to the VOB acceptance.
Abfallentsorgungs- und Verwertungsgesellschaft Köln mbH, AVG
STEP Services
  • LP1: Determination of the basic principles
  • LP2: Initial planning (project and planning preparation)
  • LP3: Draft design planning
  • LP4: Approval planning
  • LP5: Implementation planning
  • LP6: Preparation of the awarding
  • LP7: Collaboration with the awarding
  • LP8: Site supervision

Technical Data
  • plant capacity: max. 200.000 m³/a
  • Zulaufwerte Sickerwasser: chemical oxygen demand: 12.500 mg/l
    Ammonium nitrogen: 2.200 mg/l
    Nitrite nitrogen: <10 mg/l
    Temperature: 40 °C
  • Annual influent pollutant load:
    chemical oxygen demand:
    max. 2.500.000 kg/a
    Ammonium nitrogen:
    max. 440.000 kg/a
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