Engineering services for leachate treatment at the Wehofen landfill site

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG operates a landfill site in the district of Wesel, city of Dinslaken, for the disposal of waste mainly from iron and steel production. The Wehofen landfill is assigned to landfill class I. Essentially, inert, mineral wastes such as slag, excavated soil and refractory materials from blast furnaces and steel mills are finally deposited at this landfill.

STEP examined an existing leachate treatment concept. This was to be extended and optimized under consideration of all boundary conditions. In addition to the optimization of the leachate treatment, intermediate storage tanks were also planned as buffers for wastewater peaks. Furthermore, tkSE was accompanied up to the tendering of the technical specification.

STEP elaborated a concept study, the implementation planning and prepared the necessary tender documents. The concept included the use of neutralization, biology, ultrafiltration and activated carbon adsorption, whereby different expansion stages were considered.
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG
STEP Services
  • Concept study
    o    Process and plant concept taking into account the site-specific and approval-related boundary conditions
    o    Process engineering plant description
    o    Installation drafts
  • Detailed design and preparation for award of contract
    o    Flow diagrams, block diagrams, P&I flow diagrams according to ISO
    o    Motor and component list, measuring point and consumer lists
    o    Preparation of a bill of quantities and the tender documents

Technical Data
  • Hydraulic flow rate: 480 m³/d
  • Leachate treatment plant consisting of:
    o    Leachate storage tank
    o    Neutralization
    o    Precipitation
    o    Sedimentation
    o    sand filtration
    o    final inspection
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