Landfill Wehofen Pilot tests / pilot plant

Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG operates the Wehofen-Nord landfill site in the district of Wesel for the disposal of waste mainly from iron and steel production. The resulting leachate is treated in a leachate treatment plant before being discharged into the Emscher River.
Due to the gradually increasing nitrogen parameters in the influent, the degradation of these parameters was to be investigated in pilot tests using an activated carbon fixed bed biology. After successful tests on the resulting leachate, the next step will be to scale up the process to a larger scale and test it using a pilot plant.
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe GmbH
STEP Services
  • Planning of the small-scale pilot tests, selection and rental of the small-scale pilot plant
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the small-scale pilot tests
  • Planning of the lage scale pilot tests, tendering of the large-scale pilot plant, participation in its approval, rental/purchase, installation and commissioning
  • Monitoring and evaluating of the large-scale pilot tests

Technical Data
  • small scale pilot plant
    o    reactor volume: 120 l
    o    flow rate: 3-10 l/h
  • large scale pilot plant
    o    reactor volume: 15 m³
    o    flow rate: 2 m³/h
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