Training of operators and plant engineers of Libyan GECOL

Training was conducted for the personnel of various desalination plants in Libya to enhance the participants' understanding of desalination technologies and related processes to achieve better performance of the plants. Both plant personnel and engineers at the desalination plants of GECOL (General Electricity Company of Libya) in Derna, Soussa, Zawia and Zuara were trained.
The content of the training was specifically designed to address the backgrounds of the respective course participants and their roles in the operation of the plant. Among other things, the courses were aimed at reducing water production costs, ensuring high quality of the desalinated water, and ensuring high availability of the desalination plant. A total of 13 training courses were held in Aachen, each lasting 4 weeks.
STEP Services
  • The series of trainings included: desalination principles, pretreatment strategies, MSF/MED plant design and operation, materials and corrosion, post-treatment of desalinated seawater.
  • Verification of lessons learned through customized written tests.
  • Systematic documentation and evaluation through weekly reports
  • Organization of the travel, visa issuance and accommodation as well as the courses in Aachen

Technical Data

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