Engineering services for the rehabilitation of an industrial wastewater treatment plant, Shanghai

Evonik Shanghai requested Danmy International Co, Ltd. with the conceptual redesign of the existing wastewater treatment plant. STEP supported Danmy in the rehabilitation and capacity expansion of the existing plant. In a concept study, membrane-based technologies and thermal processes were analysed comparatively.
The focus of the study was on cost reduction, capacity increase and evaluation of the existing plant to identify suitable extensions. The creation of flow diagrams and a detailed process simulation enabled the concept evaluation and technical discussions with the client. The concepts were analysed according to their technical feasibility and economic efficiency (CAPEX and OPEX).
Danmy International Co., Ltd. for Evonik Shanghai 
STEP Services
  • Basic evaluation
  • Process data analysis
  • Process simulation
  • Concept development in a concept study
  • Technical and economic analysis
  • Recommendation for plant expansion and refurbishment

Technical Data
  • Capacity: 2.5 m³/h
  • Industrial wastewater: COD and TKN fractions relevant
  • Membrane-based and thermal solutions

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