Engineering & Consulting

The “Honorarordnung” for Architects and Engineers, or HOAI for short, is the guideline which defines the individual 9 service phases for all engineering services in Germany. It is also the legal basis for issuing invitations to tender for projects and for regulating fees for each phase. The HOAI regulation accompanies the project from the planning stage through the awarding of contracts and finally to the acceptance.

Service Phases according to HOAI:
  • LP1: Establishing the basis of the project
  • LP2: Preliminary design (project and planning preparation)
  • LP3: Final design
  • LP4: Approval design
  • LP5: Execution drawings
  • LP6: Preparation of contract award
  • LP7: Assisting award process
  • LP8: Project supervision (Construction supervision)
  • LP9: Project control and documentation

We always work in close contact with our clients, in order to ensure that the objectives are directly defined at the beginning and that all services are well coordinated. Possible conflicts can thus be recognized and avoided by our team at an early stage. For that reason, a contact person is always available to clarify any questions you may have during any stage of the project. A constant exchange of information is crucial for successful completion of any project, which is why we put so much emphasis on our communication with our clients.

Planning & Design


STEP Consulting GmbH offers you a comprehensive accompaniment and support in many fields. Our services include; the first steps of planning, creating, design of concepts and solutions customized to your needs.

From the basic evaluation to the draft design planning, the following services can be offered, among others:
  • On-site inspections
  • Consultation on service needs
  • Creation of a timetable of essential planning and construction processes
  • Cost estimation and calculations
  • Presenting scale drawings of the plant supported by the use of 3D Laser Scanning technologies (see reference)
  • Summary, explanation and documentation of the results
Approval planning


Approval planning is essential to obtain a building permit and operation license. In addition, the process of approval planning must be started early on to avoid delays in project realization.

For the approval planning following services we offer:
  • Clarification of the task on the basis of the available data (existing permit) and coordination of the defined objectives
  • Examination of the documents and forms currently required for the application by the respective district government in charge
  • Examination of the current approval documents in comparison with the documents currently required
  • Compilation of a comparative list of open points to be dealt with in preparation for application
  • Preparation of necessary supplementary documents such as lists, tables, calculations, flow diagrams and sketches
  • If necessary, consult with the district government
  • Compilation of all necessary documents
Detail engineering


Detail engineering is the final phase in which the engineering planning is done. In this phase we work out documents that lead to the realization of the plant.

For detail engineering, the following services can be offered, among others:
  • Lists of required plant components in detail
  • Lists of required measurement and control components
  • Initial representation of plant design by block flow diagrams
  • Complex piping and instrument flow diagrams filled with detailed information, also called P&I flow diagrams
  • Process engineering descriptions and component lists
  • Planning of installation
  • Development of safety assessments
  • The preparation of service specifications and the tender documents
  • Summary, explanation and documentation of the results

For the realistic visualization of a process plant, we use AutoCAD 3D Plant to create a plant design - from the concept to the design to the 3D model. Based on the plant model and the databases stored there, documents such as parts lists, isometrics and sectional views can be generated quickly and easily. The model also allows us to effectively discuss the design concept in project meetings and present it to decision makers.

Tender process & Awarding

HOAI LP 6 – 7

The degree and scope of services must be accurately defined in the tendering documents. Companies can then apply for this tender and send their offers. It is essential, that the tendering process up to the awarding is conducted in a market-oriented way.

To achieve a market-oriented tender, the up-to date technology and prices as well as their availability on the local market must be applied to all required equipment, materials, and services in all project planning phases. The market orientation will help to increase the acquisition capability of the required plant and to achieve fair and reasonably priced bids.

With our expertise and experience in the field and an analytic approach, STEP Consulting GmbH will help you reaching a market oriented tendering process.

From the preparation of the tendering document to the collaboration with the awarding, we offer:
  • Preparation of market oriented tender documents
  • Organization and participation in bidder discussions
  • Developing of suitable criteria
  • Comparison of the bids on economic and technical criteria
  • Evaluation of bids by analyzing costs, scheduling and experience of the respective companies
  • Planning of the meetings and schedules
  • Award recommendation
  • Summary, explanation and documentation of the results
Construction supervision


Once the contract has been awarded to a company, the construction phase can begin. Our team acts as an intermediary between the contractor and the employer.

For the construction supervision phase, we offer:
  • Ensuring that all involved persons are behaving according to the assigned contract
  • Coordination of the parties that are involved in the project
  • Documentation of the construction process
  • Quality control and supervision as well as plant inspection
  • Examining and evaluating the necessity of changed or additional services and the adequacy of prices
  • Preparation of official acceptances and inspections
Project control and documentation


In the project control and documentation phase, we inspect the object to determine any defects before the warranty expiration date. All defects are documented.

For project control and documentation phase, we offer:
  • Object inspection to determine defects
  • Documentation of building inventory
  • Creation of maintenance and care instructions
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