Clean-in-place (CIP) system optimization for the sewage plant Titz-Rödingen

The Erftverband operates the Titz-Rödingen wastewater treatment plant. Due to the high demands on wastewater quality, a membrane activated sludge plant was put into operation in 1999. It was the first municipal membrane activated sludge plant in Germany. STEP Consulting GmbH was commissioned with the optimization and modernization of the chemical plants. The in-situ cleaning of the plant's submerged membranes was to be improved and the feasibility of a closed system with automatic chemical membrane cleaning, instead of manual cleaning, was to be examined.
STEP Services
  • Optimization of membrane cleaning systems
  • Optimization of used chemicals for membrane cleaning
  • Automation of chemical dosing
  • Planning of a new chemical storage facility
  • Total cost estimation
  • Preparation of contract award and assisting award process
  • object supervision

Technical Data

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