Feasibility study for a small-scale (containerized) brackish water desalination pilot plant (RO & ED) and brine treatment

The Green Energy Park (GEP) is a solar energy testing, research and training platform located in the green city of Ben Guerir in Morocco.
The study investigated the feasibility of two mature desalination technologies: reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodialysis (ED/EDR).  STEP Consulting GmbH conducted an analysis of the source water, a comprehensive feasibility study, including conceptual analysis, market analysis, OPEX and CAPEX calculations and elements from basic engineering. Based on the analysis data, essential technologies for pre-treatment, post-treatment and appropriate brine treatments were selected. STEP Consulting GmbH also calculated the estimated energy consumption of the plant for multiple variations of plant designs and considered implementation of solar energy generation systems.
Green Energy Park (GEP) - Ben Guerir, Morocco
STEP Services
  • Evaluation of the source water analysis results
  • Choice of the pre-treatment, post-treatment, and brine treatment systems
  • Market analysis and price estimation
  • Definition and creation of the PFD of the plant
  • Evaluation of the energy consumption of the desalination
  • Cost estimation for both systems: Capex, Opex, water production cost
  • Recommendations regarding the design of the solar energy generation systems

Technical Data
  • Containerized brackish water RO/ED solution with 10 m³/day product water capacity
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