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The registered office of STEP Consulting GmbH is located in the time-honoured town of Aachen. The engineers working as full- or part-time employees at STEP hold a diploma from RWTH Aachen University in mechanical engineering, process engineering, civil or environmental engineering.

The managing partners of STEP Consulting GmbH, Dr.-Ing. Süleyman Yüce and Dr.-Ing. Joachim Gebel, each received a doctor’s degree from RWTH Aachen University for their scientific work at the Institut für Verfahrenstechnik with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Rautenbach.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rautenbach was head of the former Institute of Chemical Engineering, now AVT (Aachener VerfahrensTechnik meaning Aachen Chemical Engineering) for more than 30 years. After having been given emeritus status in 1996, he joined STEP as partner in 1998 until his passing in 2000.

Proximity to Research and Development

Dr.-Ing. Süleyman Yüce’s dual role as senior engineer at the Institut für Verfahrenstechnik is a strong link between the ongoing research & development activities at one of the biggest technical universities in Germany and our company. Thus, STEP is able to offer experiments on lab scale and pilot plant tests to clients performed and evaluated by RWTH institutes working in relevant fields.

In 2011 Dr.-Ing. Joachim Gebel followed the call as a professor at the university of applied sciences Rhein-Waal and left the company in 2016.


Acting as specialists for process and energy engineering, we strengthen our performance if necessary through a collaboration with other experts like architects, civil engineers, structural engineers and building services engineers.


An Engineer's Guide to Desalination

step guide titel

We proudly present our reference book "An Engineer's Guide to Desalination"
published by VGB, Essen/ Germany in September, 2008.

If you would like to obtain further information concerning idea and content of the book, you should download the flyer here (366 KB, PDF).

If you would like to order the book, please go to VGB shop,
search for "Desalination", and you will find the form to fill in your data.

Thanks a lot - and enjoy reading.